Another 100$ off on Moto X on Monday


Motorola has been marketing the Moto X really well with some great deals it has offered for it’s Moto X. And here is yet another deal for the Moto X. And there are also any more coming for the Valentine’s day.


And on January 27, Motorola will be giving a 100$ off on contract free Moto X. But is will only be available for the day, and also from 3PM to 4PM ET, till the stocks last off course. So you need to hit the website pretty fast if you are looking forward to benefit from the deal. Not only that day, Motorola will keep 70$ off till the Valentine’s day.

Also via twitter the company confirmed that the deal be applicable for both, the international version and the developer edition for the Moto X. So if you’re interested in the deal hit the website on Monday.


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