AOKP 4.3 Milestone Build Released, 4.4 To Come Soon


Here’s new version of the Android Custom Rom, AOKP 4.3 Milestone build is now available;abel for download. AOKP has launched new version after sometime today and team is saying that they will bring AOKP 4.4 Soon.


AOKP 4.3 Milestone Build is the final build of the Jelly Bean development cycle. AOKP 4.3 is second most used custom ROM on Android devices after Cyanogenmod.

The blog says the following about jb-mr2 Milestone 1:

The long-awaited 4.3 Milestone is now here, please enjoy it. We’ve worked very hard to make this the most stable and slick ROM 4.3 could offer us all. One might say it is a “final” 4.3 build, however, we still would love to hear anything that’s wrong over at

There are some uniqe features in the Build 4.3 – It include a system-wide navigation ribbon that users can access with a simple swipe and five custom apps in the navigation ring that’s normally reserved for Google Now. The ROM also lets users customize system toggles and create their own vibration patterns.

Source: AOKP blog


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