Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook Never Wanted To Haul Samsung To Court


In recent publication over at Reuters ex[pose that Apple’s CEO , Tim Cook never wanted to haul Samsung To Court. Because at that time he knews if they sue Samsung than it will bring Apple in trouble. Despite not having fate in filing lawsuits against Samsung they did it. Now Apple is looking for new manufacturers for Components of its iPhone and iPad devices. Last year they also signed some deals regarding display panels and batteries with Chinese manufacturers.

apple ceo tim cook

Here’s what Reuters quoted regarding Apple’s CEO talk:

“Tim Cook, Jobs’ successor as Apple chief executive, was opposed to suing Samsung in the first place, according to people with knowledge of the matter, largely because of that company’s critical role as a supplier of components for the iPhone and the iPad.”

He also believed that Samsung was using its good business relationship with Apple as a shield against possible legal action.

Earlier, Cook and Steve Jobs complained to Samsung’s higher-up executives about the company’s mobile phones’s design, but Samsung didn’t changed its phone’s design to what extent Apple guys wanted. So lately Apple, the Cupertino firm ultimately filed a lawsuit against Samsung in April 2011.

Latest filing this year reveals that Judge has overruled Jury’s finding. U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh said, ‘The court will not speculate as to how, precisely, the jury calculated its damages award, intended to compensate Apple for losses stemming from all of the violations the jury found.” He further added, “given that Apple has not clearly shown how it has in fact been undercompensated for the losses it has suffered due to Samsung’s dilution of its trade dress,” or, the look and feel of its products.

Now question arises that ever Apple will stop fighting? What you say?

Source: Reuters

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