ARM To Soon Bring-In $20 Smartphones


Tech companies worldwide have used about 50 billion ARM based chips, with 10 billion being used in 2013 alone. Though most of these chips ended up being used in smartphones, these chips are widely used being used in servers, laptops to smartwatches. So basically, most of the tech based things around you these days run on ARM based chips.


At its Tech Day event, ARM put light on some interesting trends in the smartphone market. As can be clearly seen from the graph below,  the trend is shifting to mid-range and low-end in the smartphones.

By ARM’s estimations, smartphones as cheap as $150 will begin shipping out in the entry-level smartphones category in huge quantities. And entry level smartphones’ cost will go down to as low as a mere $20. Manufacturing costs prevent the costs going down any further. The cheap $20 smartphones will not be available online any time soon but if this really happens,this could have a really strong impact in a world driven by smartphones.


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