What is Baby Monitor Feature in Galaxy S5


Samsung recently announced the Galaxy S5, as always this time it is stuffed with new interactive and entertaining features to make life simpler. And today we are here to discuss about the Baby Monitor feature in S5.

baby-monitor-galaxy -s5

As the name suggests the baby Monitor would alert you whenever your child will start crying. The feature had been there always, but we could not find it too early. It lies under the accessibility menu of the Galaxy S5. It would send out vibrating alerts to the paired Galaxy gear whenever your child starts crying. Also according to Samsung it works best, when the distance between the phone, and the baby is 1m, and there is no excessive noise in the room.

So if you’re a parent, this feature would be making your life really simpler. As whenever your child just begins to cry, you would be notified about it, wherever you are in the house, and you could hit the cause straight away.

Checkout the Galaxy S5 Manual.


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