Better Experience With The Android 4.2


Android started way back in 2005. Google had collaborated with Linux and has seen the potential of the company to produce an operating system that will go beyond what people expect. This came in handy because Linux itself proved its worth just after a couple of years ago. Android system is registered under Apache License so that any device companies can modify it and apply it in their own mobile phones. This had been a smart move for Google and a big change for the world.

Indeed, Android has been the start of a more interesting and enjoying the entertainment in the world’s Smartphones. This operating system began way back in 2007 and is now expanding and still progressing throughout a short span of time. However, not all many people know the real essence of these upgrades. They thought that if it is Android, whatever version it might be, you can play games. Although this is true, there really are some cited differences worthy of comparing. These differences can even be a basis when you buy your own phone. You just have to look and research for the better things the latest version can offer rather than the old and outdated one. Hence, when your android version needs an upgrade, it notifies you. When you choose to upgrade it, then it will be a good start for you to use this to your own advantage and have the best android experience.

The new feature that Android 4.2 offers is the Photo sphere. This will give you phenomenal experience in using your camera in 360 degrees. With its additional feature, you can also share the photos to your friends through networks. You can apply this feature by tapping the globe picture icon found on the bottom of the camera application once you click the camera icon.

In addition, the wallpapers that you can customize are also a feature that you can always enjoy when you have this system. This can be availed through clicking on the Daydream on settings and display. Even when your phone is docked or charging, the wallpaper will still appear. The trick is to find the right daydream screensaver that will fit your needs.

Lastly, the Screen Widgets when you lock your phone also comes in very handy. When your phone is in locked mode, you can still run live programs and even have quick access to the latest updates offered by Android. You can also add up applications on your screen using this application, especially the important ones, like the weather, texts and calls alerts and many more.

Android 4.2 had indeed become one of the most exceptional operating systems in the market today. Thus, this made the device companies strive to put this system on their own mobile phones. Apple even has had a hard time competing with Android since the system has given the world a cheaper option for entertainment and features per se. Of course, you can still make your android phone experience a better one when you avail of the services that will surely serve the purpose of the phone for you. Like for example the needs of calling online or internationally for your business purposes. This could be availed through third party service providers such as RingCentral and their telecommunication services.

This is truly a beautiful step towards better communication and entertainment. Technology indeed leaps to the world of what seems to be impossible before.

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