Black HTC One Appeared On AT&T Site


Here comes Black HTC One, spotted on AT&T site where carrier has started taking its pre orders (black). AT&T not alone is coming with Black HTC One, its rumored that Sprint will also launch Black variant of the HTC Flagship device. Earlier, couple of days ago both the carriers launched the device in Glacial Silver color in the US.

htc one black

Currently you can pre order the Black HTC One from the AT&T Site. Its pre order will require you to shell out $299.99 for HTC One Black 64 GB variant on a two-year contract. AT&T is selling the 32GB version of the handset only in Glacier Silver for $199.99. AT&T has not quoted anything about Black 32 GB variant. Currently no date is confirmed for shipping which means AT&T Black HTC One shipment is delayed or coming soon.

T-Mobile HTC One does not launch until April 24 and the carrier’s website just indicates the handset in silver. It seems that Verizon will not offer HTC One to its customers.

Additionally, Samsung Galaxy S4 pre orders are live on AT&T from past week. Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile are also preparing for the launch

Source: AT&T


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