Box 50 GB Space For Lifetime


Box aka is giving away 50 GB of space for lifetime. In order to get you just need to sign up via this link. Offer is sponsored by Dell and it may run this whole month. Anyone can sign up to get 50 GB of Space. So don’t wait hit the link above to get it right now.

box free 50 gb

Simply if you sign up as usual than you only gets a chunk of 5GB storage only. The maximum size that you can upload per file is limited to 250MB. Keep in mind that there is no upgrade in storage limits of old accounts. Offer is for new sign ups. While it seems that the 50GB is just publicity stint or false advertising when there’s a 250MB per file limitation. I would think anyone needing to use anything close to 50GB would have files much larger than 250MB. I guess it’s a nice way to get people to their site though.

Additionally, Other competitors of BOX are Dropbox which offers only 2 GB of space and can be extended upto 18 GB by referring friends.


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