Christmas Day Sales Hit Record Activations Of 17.8 Million Android And iOS Devices


This Christmas Sales of Smartphones and Tablets hits new record sales of 17.8 Million of  Android And iOS Devices. According to latest data from Flurry Analytics this Christmas total of 17.4 million devices were activated, a 332 percent increase over activations covering December 1 – 20, and a 156 percent increase on the numbers from a year ago.


Flurry Analytics gathered  this data by monitoring 250,000 Apps. This monitoring gives them access to data that includes about 90 percent of all activated devices. By comparison, Christmas Day 2011 held the previous single-day record, having reached 6.8 million device activations.


With this record sales Apps download also hit by sudden surge in App Downloads on both Android and iOS. On Christmas Day, total 328m times Apps were downloaded alone, according to mobile analytics firm Flurry. For these figures, Flurry estimates its percentage penetration per platform to estimate total market app downloads.

Of the 17.4m new activations on Christmas Day, Flurry estimates that 51% were tablets and 49% were smartphones.


Amazon grew by several thousand percent over its baseline of tablet activations over the earlier part of December.

Source: Flurry


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