Court: Samsung Can Access Apple – HTC Licensing Agreement


Today California Court has ordered Apple to share details of HTC Licensing Agreement with Samsung. Last week Apple and HTC signed a deal under which all lawsuits will be stopped between both HTC and Apple for next 10 years. Some reports also suggests than now HTC will pay $6-$8 for every smartphone sold to Apple.

Later on Samsung filed Motion to get details of deal documents. So today Court ordered Apple to disclose all related documents with Samsung.

Of course it’s safe to say that this agreement is extremely confidential in nature and they will only be allowed to be viewed by Samsung’s attorneys.

Samsung also requested the California court to add three newly released Apple products — the iPod Touch 5, the iPad 4 and the iPad mini — to the list of devices that it claims to have infringed on some of its patents, according to court documents.

Source: FossPatents


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