5 Untold Disadvantages of iOS – Will Make Your iFriend Go Dumb!


So you are bored of your iFriend bragging about his new iOS 7 update over his iPhone 5 ? Here’s some mind blowing specifications lacked by all the iPhones to put a full stop on your Friend’s face or we can say Disadvantages of iOS.

ios disadvantages

The iOS 7 was really a showstopper and a stunner from iOS. It was really something different from what iPhones usually boasted. The earlier iPhones (Phones made under Post-Jobs era) were hugely based upon skeuomorphism. Well, Skeuomorphism is one of those design elements, were one tries to copy and mimic the real world elements. Steve and Scott Forstall, the software guru who handled iOS before he abruptly left Apple last year, liked skeuomorphism. But, Tim has removed all the skeuomorphism among the iDevices and tried to reconstruct the UI with a new, flatter and more responsive theme. To remind you, it was first Windows who tried to remove all this and tried a flatter UI with their range of Windows phones, then came Google with it’s ICS and JB which also showcased flatterness. And now it’s turn for Apple to implement this form of design.

But still, though Apple might have included a new Control center or a new theme, it still is quite far from Android. Apparently, some of the features which are along with awkward are non-sense thing.

So here we are showcasing some of the Untold “lookingness” of iOS, by which you can literally tease all your iPhone folks! Here’s Disadvantages of iOS:

Choice of Default Apps

ios disadvantages default apps

In this ultimate list of lacks, this is really the key one and the facepalm one. The choice of default apps, which can stated as below:

While you Download an app, lets say Opera Browser. Suddenly you though of buying some Cars in Real Racing 3, and you hit the buy button. You would soon see a popup asking for which browser should it open for performing the task. You can choose the stock browser or Opera Browser.

This can be seen in the case of Browsers, Gallery, Videos and much more. This type of configurations you can see almost every device out there. But, iPhone had had different plans. You do not have any choice of selecting any app for any task, as the main and stock browser is the default browser, for any browser related task it will be loaded upon in the stock browser, instead showing you choices to select. This is really no-brainer and complete nonsense thing from Apple. Alternatively, you have to go to Opera and then you can operate your web related works in opera.

FacePalm APPLE!

Security Concerns and Sharing within Apps

For Security, Apple is really concerned about it. While there is a setting in Android that of you can allow download of Third Party apps, Apple is strict about it and doesn’t offers you much freedom. Like Rooting on Android, you have to go for Jailbreaking with Apple iDevices, which allows you to download 3rd Party apps. Let us Assume you want to share any app you just have snapped with your camera. With Android onboard, you can try to share this app to multiple ways, via Whatsapp, Facebook and much more. Endless way of Sharing. But with Apple,  only a handful of Apple-approved apps that can be used to share images. Apple states it as safety concerns, but I guess it’s very “little” security.


ios disadvantages

This might not been a much secret as almost all of us know about the sad story with Widgets on iOS. As far as the theme is concerned, there is only a drawer of apps on the home screen and nothing else to showcase your widgets. Sad story here with iPhone users.

3rd Party Special Keyboard

third party keyboard

Android provides you with an endless range of keyboards, starting from Swiftkey to TouchPal X, we’ve got an arsenal of keyboards. However, iPhone users doesn’t have enough freedom for the keyboard sector, as you can’t change it according to your needs. Though iOS 7 provides a good keyboard, I still can’t figure out why Apple is so very much concerned about it.

Take A Look:

Flexible and Dynamic Homescreen

This is just a contextual part of Widgets. As , mentioned earlier, you can’t customize your phone besides trying out a new Wallpaper or a new Case(LOL!). The Home Screen can’t host anything beside the widgets and folders, making the homescreen “TOO” Awkward.

So still you want to buy iOS devices after knowing its disadvantages?

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September 23, 2013 13:42

HAHAHAHA seriously??? these are your disadvantages??

I guess if you need to change your default apps is because the default ones are not so good.
I guess if you need to get a third-party keyboard is because the default keyboard is not so good.

All anti-apple fanbois enjoy using the cheap excuse of widgets and third-party apps… do you really stare at your display for minutes just looking at your widgets?? it only takes one touch to get into an app…

But for all those who enjoy “customizing” their phones/tablets there is always Android, the “Windows” of mobile devices… very very customisable and very open OS, equally unstable and crashable… luckily the Android programers didnt put a blue screen for crashes, just a polite sign: “the application has stopped unexpectedly”

by the way, I have an iPad and an Asus tablet with Android… I haven’t felt the need to add widgets or change the keyboard, it is good enough as an eReader or for some web browsing.

if you want to compare you first need to try both and you will realize that your statement about the sharing options is wrong as iOS allows you to share with many other apps, and you will realize that both OS are good enough for what they do. But it is all about the quality…

October 29, 2013 09:25
Reply to  DracM

So lemme ask you… Do all people like green eggs and ham? Are all people like Sam I am? Joe may like green eggs and ham. Peter might like pink eggs and jam! Angela might like blue eggs and spam! I hope you get the point here.

Hk Singh
Hk Singh
September 3, 2018 06:38
Reply to  DracM

Dude then what are u doing on a android website?

DrDhanwantari G Pancholi
DrDhanwantari G Pancholi
September 23, 2013 17:31

I don’t know much about iOS, but almost every need is fulfilled by Android, utility way ward. So I am very much dependent upon it. I do eat, drink and sleep Android, I wrote on FB a few months back, the same thing.

Nick Castillo
Nick Castillo
September 23, 2013 20:04

I could Never get into Idevices, they are way too restrictive for me! I enjoy the freedom that Android offers!

September 24, 2013 06:45
Reply to  Nick Castillo

Yeah I hate when my iPhone doesn’t allow me to go to the bathroom, or when my iPad doesn’t allow me to eat…

I guess when the phone controls what you do and restricts you to do things it’s the prove that smartphones are smarter than ‘some’ people!