Download Realme Messages App Latest Version [Old Versions Archive]

All smartphones come with their default Messaging app and so does Realme. Realme smart messaging utilizes your network connection and location to provide functions and services. It automatically detects the type of message received. Moreover, the app provides quick access to services such as tracking orders and flight/train inquiries without opening a connection to the web. Other features like organizing SMSes, suggesting smart actions, and blocking spam messages are also a part of the app.

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Here we have created a list f all the updates Realme released for its Messages app. You can find your required version and tap on the corresponding download button. Also, keep in mind that the app may not work on your device under some conditions.

Download Realme Messages App

  • [January 23, 2023]: Realme is releasing Version v13.65.105 to its Messages app. The update is available for global users.

Download version v13.65.105

  • [December 30, 2022]: Realme Messages app version v13.60.105  brings some new changes. You can download the latest version from the button below.

Download version v13.60.105

  • [December 26, 2022]: Realme is rolling out v13.60.100 for its Messages app. There’s hardly any major change for the app.

Download version v13.60.100

  • [December 26, 2022]: Realme is releasing Version v7.155.25 to its Messages app. The update is available for global users.

Download version v7.155.25

  • [November 25, 2022]: Realme Messages v13.55.100 brings a slew of new changes. Interested users can grab it from the link below.

Download version v13.55.100

  • [October 11, 2022]: The messages app is upgraded once again with version v7.155.20. The build is compatible with devices running Android 7.1 or later OS versions.

Download version v7.155.20

  • [August 29, 2022]: Realme has started rolling out an update for the Realme Messages app. It comes with version number v8.15.105 and the official changelog doesn’t mention anything. The app will be compatible with smartphones running on Android 10 and above.

Download version v8.15.105

  • [August 16, 2022]: Realme is pushing a new version v8.15.100 of the Realme Messages App. The official changelog for the same is not present. However, it is compatible with devices running Android 10 or later.

Download version v8.15.100

  • [July 18, 2022]: Realme is again upgrading the Messages app. The latest update is available for global users running Android 10 or later devices with version v8.5.100.

Download version v8.5.100

  • [July 7, 2022]: The Realme Messages is receiving another update with version v7.170.105. You can download the build from the button below if you are operating Android 8.0 or a later OS version.

Download version v7.170.105

  • [June 6, 2022]: A new update is rolling out for the Realme Messages app with version v7.155.5. The build is suitable for devices running Realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12.

What’s New 

General Bugs Fixed

Download version v7.155.5

  • [January 4, 2022]: Realme Messages app Version v7.130.0 is rolling out in a stable phase for the global users of Realme UI and ColorOS 7.

Download Version v7.130.0

  • [December 13, 2021]: Realme is releasing the stable Version v7.125.5 to its Messages app. The global users of Realme UI and ColorOS 7 can tap on the button below.

Download Version v7.125.55

  • [November 18, 2021]: Realme Messages app Version v7.115.50 is rolling out globally for users running Realme UI and ColorOS 7.

Download Version v7.115.50

  • [October 5, 2021]: The Messages app is updating again globally in a stable phase. The smartphones operating Realme UI and ColorOS 7 can flash the Version v7.112.0 from the button below.

Download Version v7.112.0

  • [October 4, 2021]: Realme is spinning out Version v7.20.20 for the Messages app globally. Realme UI and ColorOS 7 users are eligible to flash the update

Download Version v7.20.20

  • [September 23, 2021]: Realme Messages is upgrading with Version v5.10.10 in a Stable phase. The update is rolling out globally for Realme UI and ColorOS 7 users.

Download Version v5.10.10

  • [September 13, 2021]: Realme Messages Version v5.17.110 in unfurling globally for Realme UI and ColorOS users.

Download Version v5.17.110

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