Download Google Camera 9.1 with Pixel 8 Pro’s exclusive camera features

Google unveiled a number of products at the Made By Google 2023 launch event, including the Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel 8, Pixel Buds Pro, and Pixel Watch 2 Pro. Additionally, they debuted Android 14, the newest version of the operating system. However, Google announced several exclusive features of the Pixel 8 Pro.


The Pixel 8 Pro has a unique thermometer sensor, Generative AI Wallpapers, exclusive camera features, and much more. The Pixel 8 Series also includes a variety of new photographic features. Undoubtedly, some of these choices, including manual focus, adjusting the shutter speed, and changing the ISO, are only possible with the Pro model.

Today, we have brought the latest version of Google Camera (GCam) v9.1 APK for you. So that you can experience the exclusive features of the Pixel 8 Pro on your smartphone. The latest version comes with a revamped user interface, new controls, a new Ultra HDR+ feature, and much more. You can download and install the latest Google Camera app to explore and take outstanding pictures right away from your smartphone.

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What’s New in Google Camera 9.1?

By redesigning settings for Brightness, Shadow, White Balance, and Exposure geared at video fans, the UI has been substantially improved in the most recent version of Google Camera, 9.1. On the other hand, smooth transitions between slow-motion and time-lapse videos are made possible by the improved “Speed” settings.

The latest version offers the most noticeable redesigned user interface (UI) for changing between camera modes is included. The new camera app has a slider to quickly switch between photo and video modes, easing the process of taking pictures and videos. Moreover, the former floating window style of the updated Quick Settings has been replaced with a modern bottom sheet menu.

The brand-new “Night Sight” function is now discretely located in a separate area at the bottom and is easily accessed by pressing the newly added button in the bottom right corner. A full toolset for photography enthusiasts is provided by this area, which is unique to the Pixel 8 Pro and includes sophisticated “Pro” settings for ISO and shutter speed.

Moreover, rich color in photographs is added as a new option to the advanced settings of GCAM 9.1. By choosing this option, devices may record vivid, wide-gamut color photographs in JPEG format without the requirement for a 10-bit HDR. This option allows utilizing the Display P3 standard instead of sRGB.

Google Camera 9.1 Features

  • Ultra HDR Feature

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are the first smartphones that support Ultra HDR feature support. This unique features allows you to take next-level by emphasizing vivid colors, brighter highlights, and darker shadows pictures from your Pixel device. An description of the Ultra HDR image format, a novel variation on the conventional JPEG format, was also published by Google.

  • Photo and Video Modes rearranged

The “More” option is no longer necessary thanks to the Google Camera 9.1 update, making the camera app more user-friendly and accessible. The arrangement of the camera modes has also been changed.

Photo mode tabs:

  1. Action Pan
  2. Long Exposure
  3. Portrait
  4. Photo (main)
  5. Night Sight
  6. Panorama
  7. Photo Sphere

Video mode tabs:

  1. Pan
  2. Video (main)
  3. Slow motion
  4. Time Lapse]

Users will now have an easier time switching between various photographic settings quickly, ensuring they always get the right snap.

  • Video Stabilization Modes in Quick Settings – The video stabilization feature has been added to the Quick Settings panel in Google Camera v9.0.
  • Enhanced Quick Settings Panel – The camera app’s general usability has been improved because the Quick Settings panel can now be accessed by just swiping up. Additionally, for easier access, the shortcut button has been moved to the bottom left corner.
  • Zoom Slider on Pixel 6 – The recently released update brings the Pixel 6 the much-needed zoom slider that was previously only available on the Pixel 7. Users have more control over their compositions because of this feature’s simple zooming while shooting.
  • Interchanged Front Camera and Gallery Buttons – Users can now easily access these features thanks to a switch in the buttons that activate the front camera and launch the gallery.
  • New Themed Icon – The app icon has been updated with a refreshed look.
  • Added Support to Android 14 – The minimum SDK version for Google Camera 9.0 is 34, which corresponds to Android 14. This indicates that it can only run the most recent version of Android. Watch for GCAM 9.0 to support Android 13 in the future.

Download Google Camera 9.1

Click on the “Download” link below to start the download process. Then, after the completion of the download, click on install. The Google Camera 9.1 is around 450 MB in package size.

We hope you find our guide to download the Google Camera v9.1 helpful. Do let us know in the comment section if you have any queries!

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