F-Secure: 79% Of All Mobile Malware In 2012 Accounted For Android


F-Secure has published a report for the Malware statistics in 2012 on mobile phones. Report states that 79% of all mobile Malware in 2012 is accounted for or on Android devices. I personally don’t know that where it is and who’s getting infected as until now i didn’t suspected this kind of activity on any device.

mobile malware

Getting into the report, it states that 79% of all Malware was accounted for Android in 2012, up from 66.7% in 2011 and just 11.25% in 2010. As Android OS is gaining popularity and that’s why Malware is increasing on Android every year. Android’s open sourceness is the main cause of the malware as on other side Apple iOS shares only 0.7% of the Malware despite its popularity. For More on Android Malware head over to the Malware portal here.

Most of the Malware type were in the form of Trojans, which gains unauthorized access and take away or penetrate into files and perform data theft.

malware types

Other Operating systems Malware report is as follows:

Symbian shares 19% of all malware, compared to 62.5% two years ago. While others like Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and J2ME accounted for less than 1% of threat families in circulation in the year.

For More Head over to Tech Cruch.


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