Galaxy Note 3 Neo launched In Korea


As according to the Samsung’s official website for Korea, Samsung has recently announced the Samsung Note 3 Neo. The device has been in the markets across the country from March 3.


The interesting part is that the  LTE-A version of the Galaxy Note 3 Neo is actually powered by a Snapdragon 800 chip. According to the specifications as given by the company, the device has a quad core processor clocked at  2.3 GHz. So chances are high that it has to be a Snapdragon 800, as it cannot be  Exynos 5 Hexa and also it can’t be Snapdragon  400  as the cortex A7 has a maximum click speed of about 1.7GHz.

Though there nothing to be amazed, as this not the first time Samsung has released an upgraded model in Korea, they did the same with the Galaxy S5 last year. Though the company needs to slow down a bit and stop releasing so many versions of smartphones, as it really makes difficult to choose a device  when buying out of your precious  and hard earned cash.



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