Galaxy S4 Clone Carries Spyware


Buying major smartphone’s clones may sound like a good deal but its not exactly as it sounds like. We say so because a spyware-embedded clone of the Galaxy S4 was discovered this week n eBay.


German Security firm G Data recently discovered the malware infested Chinese smartphone that was up for sale on eBay for uite some time now.  Named Star N9500,the device resembles the Galaxy S4 in every possible way. offering the same exact looks and even the same configuration, the device was banned by eBay from its online store. The device was earlier available on eBay for an amount between €130 and €165.

The spyware, which was embedded right into he device’s main firmware could not be removed by any means and it compromised with your personal data, call records, email and your online banking data sending all the compromised data to a Chinese server.

The device has now been taken down by eBay and is not available for sale anymore.

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