Galaxy Watch 4’s latest update causing trouble in tracking heart rate 

For the first time ever,  Samsung dumped its Tizen OS for WearOS. This resulted in an exceptional performance of the Galaxy Watch 4 series. But as nothing comes perfect, the wearable also has some flaws. This includes variations between Google Fit and Samsung Health data, weak body, and syncing concerns with Play Services.
galaxy watch 4's latest update causing trouble in tracking heart rate 
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Though the above-mentioned points are minor, or we can say neglectable. While the major issue with the Galaxy Watch 4 is that it is not tracking the heart rate accurately during workouts. Reason being for calling it a significant concern is that it targets workout freaks. Thus, basic functioning like heart rate monitoring shouldn’t be a problem.

The affected users complained the numbers do not represent their actual stats. Also, this is tested comparing with the other heart rate monitoring gadgets. Now, where users were hoping for an update that’d resolve the trouble, Samsung has removed the feature on the Galaxy Watch 4!

A set of time bars showing the average heart rate replaces the continuous heart rate graph. Confirming this, a Samsung representative admitted that this change is a part of the latest update to the Health app. Talking about the latest update, it was released almost a week ago with version v6.19.1.001. Here are the changes it carries.

What’s New?

  • Gather all information such as Profile, Weekly Summary, Rewards, and Personal Best that are scattered and provide them integrated on My Page.
  • Add more gender options to make it easier for anyone to choose a gender. (“Others”, ”Prefer not to say”)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements applied

There’s nothing mentioned about the removal of the continuous heart rate graph. But if you require this function, all you need to do is switch back to the previous version 6.18 or older.


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