Get 6GB of Data for $40 with U.S. Cellular Promotional Plan


U.S cellular kicks off pretty good promotional offers i.e $300 for users who switch to U.S. Cellular and another offer is 6GB of Data for $40 in this Promotion plan you will get unlimited talk and text.

uscellularlogolargeIn detail if you sign up for $40/month offer you’ll also need to pony up a device connection charge that’ll change depending on how you bought your phone. If you got it on a two-year contract, that fee will be $40 per month, dropping to $20 per month for folks that got their phone on installment pricing.

The carrier is now offering a $150 promotional card for any current customers who add a line, or any customers who bring their number over. To sweeten the deal even further, those who switch to U.S. Cellular and trade in a phone get another $150 promotional gift card, totaling $300 for the switch. U.S. Cellular also given 50% off on tablets.

us cellular plans

U.S. Cellular started this with great offers to the users and to switchers also. if you are interested in these offers then head over to the U.S. Cellular store.

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