Have a Look at HTC One Camera Effects


As we seen Yesterday HTC One X’s camera comparison with Galaxy Nexus and Sony From which we concluded that HTC One X camera is the quickest cameraphone, the 0.7-second startup time and 0.2-second delay between shots is fastest. Today its going true, in the new HTC One smartphones, users will get 15 effects to play with via the default camera app on their new phones. A single LED flash capable of five different intensity levels completes the package. These effects include:

  • distortion
  • vignette
  • depth of field
  • dots
  • mono
  • country
  • vintage
  • vintage warm
  • vintage cold
  • grayscale
  • sepia
  • negative
  • solarize
  • posterize
  • aqua.

Any of you guys planning on getting your hands on any of HTC’s One series of smartphones upon its release?
Via: Android Central


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