How to fix Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Car Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

If you own a Google Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro device with the latest Android 13 software version and you are having a car Bluetooth connectivity issue, you are at the right place to get help. Several users have reported such issues occurring with their Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. The problem might be rising due to some technical issues. But, we have come up with some easy steps that will help you to fix Pixel 7 Car Bluetooth Connectivity issues.

how to fix pixel 7 and pixel 7 pro car bluetooth connectivity issues

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Steps to Fix Car Bluetooth Connectivity Issues on Pixel 7

  • Make sure that your car’s Bluetooth is enabled.
  • If you have tried the first step and it doesn’t work. Try to restart your smartphone and car’s Bluetooth system.
  • If the issue persists, clear the car’s Bluetooth system cache memory by heading to Settings > System > Reset and selecting ‘Clear Bluetooth Cache’.
  • If you are still having the issue, try to reset the phone’s network settings by heading to Settings > System > Reset and selecting ‘Reset Network Settings’.

FIX 1: Bluetooth Toggling

If the Pixel 7 or 7 Pro has a connectivity issue with the Car Bluetooth system. You can try to toggle the Bluetooth function.

  1. Head to Settings > Click on the Bluetooth section > Turn off the Bluetooth > Turn it on after a few seconds.
  2. Restart the phone and the car’s Bluetooth device. If you are still facing the issue, it could be a major issue in your Bluetooth function and you might have to uninstall and re-install the functions.

FIX 2: Unpair and Re-Pair Device with Car Bluetooth

It is another method to fix the connectivity issue. Here, you have to unpair or forget the device and then re-pair it.

  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Tap on the car’s Bluetooth device icon > Click on Forget.

FIX 3: Use Driving Mode

You can use Driving Mode if you still have the issue. To use this feature –

  • Go to Settings > Click on Connections > Click Driving Mode. Also, The mode automatically turns on when you get in the range. However, you can change it to manual settings.

FIX 4: Give Required Permissions to Bluetooth

You must allow and grant the permission needed by Bluetooth, for such activity. You have to look for the management of Bluetooth permission. After managing the permissions, try again to reconnect the device with the car’s Bluetooth system.

FIX 5: Modify Bluetooth AVRCP Version

You can also change the Bluetooth AVRCP version in the settings. The reason could be the unmatched Bluetooth version between the devices. So, you need to choose the same version for both devices.

  • Go to Settings > Click on Bluetooth section > Click on the icon next to the device name > Click on Advanced Settings > Now change the AVRCP Version to other versions > At last save the changes and then try to reconnect the phone with the car’s Bluetooth.

FIX 6: Modify Bluetooth A2DP in Developer options

Still, Having trouble? There are still more ways to fix the issue. One of the ways is to Enable/Disable the Bluetooth A2DP version in the settings. To do this, follow these steps on your device running on Android 13 –

  •  Go to Settings > Click on Connections > Tap on Bluetooth > Turn on the A2DP version.

FIX 7: Modify Bluetooth MAP version in Developer options

It is one of the possible ways to fix the connectivity issues.

  • Go to Settings > Click on Bluetooth > Click on the icon next to the device name.
  • In the Bluetooth MAP version drop-down menu, choose a different version and try to reconnect again.

FIX 8: Change Bluetooth Audio Codec

This method can be a potential way to fix the issue. To change the Bluetooth audio codec, simply follow these steps –

  • Go to Settings > Click on Bluetooth > Choose the device you want to connect > Click on the icon next to the device name > Tap on Advanced. Now, you can see several available audio codecs.
  • Choose suitable codecs and try to reconnect the device.

FIX 9: Reset Bluetooth

To fix the issue, you might need to reset the Bluetooth system. To reset the Bluetooth system, follow these steps –

  • Go to Settings > Head to Bluetooth settings.
  • To open Bluetooth settings, Click on the device icon next to the device name.
  • Now click on Forget device
  • Head back to the Bluetooth section > Click on Add device.
  • Read and follow the instructions carefully > Now pair both devices.

FIX 10: Reset the Phone

Even after trying all these ways, if you are still unable or having trouble with connectivity, you might need to reset the phone.

  • To Reset the device, Go to Settings > Head to System > Go to Reset > Tap on Reset.

NOTE: This Process will erase all your data from the device, so make sure to take its backup.

FIX 11: Rollback to Older OS Version

It could be the last hope if you have tried other FIX ways. If you are using an unstable operating system on your phone. It might be causing several issues including connectivity issues. You can opt to roll back to the previous stable/official version.

  • To Rollback, First, Take a full backup of all data.
  • Then, Go to Settings > Head to Software/System update > Now, you will be able to see an option to rollback/downgrade.
  • After rolling back, now try to connect the phone to the car’s Bluetooth system.

NOTE: If you are still having the connectivity issue, most probably there could be an issue with the car’s Bluetooth system.

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