How To Get Galaxy S III TouchWiz Interface?


Samsung heavily worked over its popular Touchwiz launcher for the release of the Galaxy S III. It’s lighter and faster, but still full of features. It’s possible to get version 5 of Touchwiz on the Other devices- the launcher can be downloaded by heading over to XDA. Be sure to check compatibility and make a Nandroid backup before doing anything.

To install, simply copy the zip to your devices, boot into recovery and choose ‘Install Zip from SD card’. Then find the TW5.zop file and press the power button. Once the install has finished, reboot the device, and press the Home button. Choose complete action using TouchWiz Home. You will then be sent to the TouchWiz Launcher Home. Note that the latest Touchwiz is designed to to work with high resolution screens.

If you decide you want to use Touchwiz as your default launcher, press Home again, and then tick the box By default For This Action before clicking on TouchWiz Home.


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