How To Improve Android Camera App


These days, Camera in phones is significant part of the phone. Sometimes it becomes the reason to buy the phone. We can also say that camera is the best sense of the phone by which several apps operate. Here we are talking about how to improve Android Camera App? So let’s start

Most Android handsets have pretty decent photographing and video capabilities, but some times there is scope, hope or room for improvement. LgCamera aims to be a camera app that enables you to increase the quality of your video and photos. Although the LgCamera app has been around for a while now, it has recently received a few big updates which have added in support for more devices and features.

Using the app you can increase the bit rate and resolution of your videos, as well as adjust the frame rate. You can set the Size and quality of photographs, too.  LgCamera is a nice addition to have, although it’s still in beta, and you might need to play around with the settings to find out what exactly it can do for your particular device. So guys if you want to download it than hit the source link and enjoy with the Camera App.

Source: XDA

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