Gmail Alternatives For Android Device


Its rare that user don’t want to use Gmail. But still there are hoards of people who want to de Google their Android Devices. They don’t want any Google product or not want to use any of the Google Apps like Gmail, Google Maps, Etc. So Gmail haters get ready as we are introducing you with some best Gmail alternatives for your Android Devices.



So on our list first is Hotmail service or its new look Outlook Service as Microsoft launched new email service with some new clothes means design and features. But currently only Hotmail Android App is available.  Hotmail still has a surprisingly large userbase – in fact, according to a comScore. Hotmail supports true push email, an absolute godsend for busy professionals, and allows you to use multiple accounts at once. There’s more than this which you must try if you’r Gmail Hater.


Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo is also a excellent option to replace Gmail with. The Yahoo! Mail App for Android is packed with various features like multiple accounts, push notifications, smart folders, powerful search, photo previews, Yahoo Messenger integration and much more. You can also Switch between email to IM, get instant notifications, check your friends’ IM status, and create rich text emails that include emoticons. So guys one more Gmail alternative is here.

There are alternatives like Zoho and K 9 also exist but most of the users are having problem with Android based App of these two services. So comes under our navigation just simple mail portal with simple Android app. Its features include easy handling, simple access, fast and better optimized for Android. If you love simple and without hassle mail client than suits you best.



The inbox looks a lot like the Gmail app, but without the Star icons along the side. This app also ignores threaded conversations in Gmail, but this is not a Gmail centered app.  There are also various features in it like IMAP Idle Push, Save/Download Attachments to SD card, Settings Support for signature, font size, ring tone, led color etc, Custom Rules, Spell Check, Search, Password Protection, Exchange 2003,2007,2010, Full WYSIWYG editor, Split screen for tablets and Much more.


There might be many other but these are most loved ones. So guys reply if you know another Gmail Alternate App.

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