How To Password Protect Play Store Purchases


Google Play store has a lot of paid and apps that don’t usually come for free.A few counts on a high price while some small but very effective apps are available for less ! Usually High end games are priced at huge bucks but well i must say they deserve this ! as a lot of efforts are done to make a high end bug free lag less game. While a few apps are available for free and have a donate or paid version with all the features enabled which are generally not enabled in the free version ! this is a nice way to earn for the developers also !  So buying those apps you really have to make your mind first and then end up spending those bucks on them online via play store and you have to decide whether is it worth it or not. But would you imagine a scenario where some naughty cousin kids have visited your place and they are playing with your smartphone but they unknowingly end up buying an random app and spending your hard earned money on it without even your requirement of that all. In other words the condition is real bad as you ended up buying an app which you don’t require.  Scared ahan?

google play purchases

Well by now you must be thinking you won’t allow those kids to play with your Android smartphone from now, but this is not the ideal solution. As you also accidentally end up buying those unwanted apps from the play store. So not worry there are many possible solutions for these kind of problems and one of them is you could password protect your play store purchases.

Follow these steps to Password Protect :

Now follow these steps to Password Protect your play store purchases to avoid the circumstances listed above.
1. Open the play store on your phone and then go to settings.
2. Then navigate to the option “Use password to restrict purchases”.  Now tick this option.
3. Okay now a pop out would appear asking you to confirm your password. Here you have to enter your Google account password that you have synced with the Android phone you are using.
4. And after successful confirmation you will need that same password you make a purchase on that phone.

And BOOM you’ve done justice to your hard earned money. And by now there won’t be any of the unwanted purchases on the play store and this no wattage or accidental loss of even a single penny on your phone already via play store. I hope this would help.

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