The Most Downloaded Android Apps – July

With the help of technology and all the incessant developments we have been witnessing today, there are certain things we thought would be impossible or out of this world a few years ago that can easily be done today. Technology has undeniably revolutionized the way we live and all the other aspects of human existence, from food, devices, and all the way to activities. A perfect example would be conducting research. A couple of decades ago, research was done by doing actual surveys or by browsing through books in national libraries. Today, researching isn’t as physically exhausting as before for we now have the internet which is practically a vast pool of information. In just a few clicks, people can now gain access to the information they are looking for. This is why we have Google, Yahoo and other online libraries — to provide useful and accessible information to people.

best android apps

If what you are looking for are practical tutorials or instructional videos, do not fret for we now have YouTube and other video sharing sites you can scour for whatever it is that you are looking for. It was made even easier with the birth of smartphones and tablets that make surfing even more convenient and hassle free. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, the number of Android users has been consistently on the rise with the total market share of 46.9% which is certainly higher than the market share of iPhone users which lags behind at 28.7%. What accounts for this demographic is probably Android’s free apps, which are not just useful but are also entertaining. Here are some of the most popular Android applications you can check out:

Status Agenda

status agenda

If you are someone who lobbies for a 48-hour day and find it extremely difficult to squeeze in all that you have to do in a day then the Status Agenda app is the perfect calendar app for you. The Status Agenda application integrates your Google Calendar so you do not have to stress yourself out setting it up. Your calendars also become a part of your pull-down notification area which makes it even easier.

Facebook Home

facebook home

Topping the list of most downloaded Android apps is Facebook Home. It is no surprise that the newest app of the most popular networking site today came out on top of the list. After all, Facebook isn’t just the most popular social networking site but is also the largest today. The Facebook Home app is set to replace the standard Android home screen which includes features such as status updates, instant notifications and full-screen photos. One of the most amazing add-ons that come with the new Facebook Home is its Facebook Chat Heads feature. The Facebook Chat Head feature pops up the profile picture of a friend who has sent you a message and a mere tap on the face will allow you to access your conversation tab, without losing or shutting down whatever it is that you were doing beforehand.



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Chiastine Ross
Chiastine Ross
Chiastine Ross, a freelance article writer and contributor who focus more on technology, mainly Gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for readers and tech enthusiasts.


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