How To Strengthen Your Android Device Security


There are various talks about Android Device Security every day, but we think its on you how to save your Android Phone from security flaws. To ensure your Android Device security you need to follow these below mentioned tasks:

1. Check App Permissions: Always check the app permissions when installing new apps from Google Play. They should be straightforward, but there have been instances where games or apps have asked for permissions that are not necessary at all. Check App  Permissions Explanations

2. Use Virus Protection: Most people do not worry about viruses on mobile devices, but it pays to be vigilant. There are many solutions available, such as AntiVirus Pro, which will scan new apps and monitor your phone for unwanted intrisions.

3. Apply Security Measures: Always use a password or one of the alternative security facilities that work on your Android Device. The grid lock feature is extremely secure, yet allows quick access to your home screens when needed. Better safe than sorry.

4. Mobile Payments: Mobile payments are starting to take off, especially in Europe and Asia, and consumers should be wary.  Donot Make payments Until you have that level of protection for mobile payments.

5. Stay away from UnTrusted App Stores: The trouble is that Android users can download apps anywhere. Don’t be lured into doing this. If you aren’t using Android Market, make sure you are in a store you know and trust, such as Amazon.

6. Lock Down Apps: Due to Android’s open multitasking system, it is possible to run an app in the background that blocks unauthorized users from opening certain apps. An app like Seal, App Protector Pro, or Tasker can be used to require a PIN or pattern lock to launch any apps you want.

So guys what you are doing to secure your phone? Share your views via comments.

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