HTC Enters Retail Market, Opens Up First Concept Store In Germany



HTC, staggering to get profit from its devices has now opened up first retail store in Hamburg, Germany. Its not clear that HTC is entering Retail market directly due to losses from past some quarters. But HTC is doing same as that of Microsoft is doing with its own retail stores and is based on work that Apple started when it first began opening up its own retail locations many years ago. Samsung also has tried this approach in the UK and other European countries, and while it’s unknown how much of a direct effect it has had, Samsung has enjoyed record sales of its phones over the past year.

But from all the way its good option to enter retail so that no third person can take the much needed money to HTC. Even customers will benefit from this. So we need to wait and watch to know what HTC is cooking.

What you think about this step from HTC? Share your views via comments.

Source: UnwiredView


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