HTC to Manufacture Amazon Based Smartphones


An Amazon Smartphone has been in the rumors from past years, but we haven’t actually seen much of them going true. But the big question is, even if they launch one, who would be producing it ?


According to Financial Times, HTC will be most probably the manufacturer of the Amazon Smartphone. Apparently both the firms have collaborated on three devices and one of them is in the advance stage of development. It doesn’t mean that we would be seeing an Amazon Smartphone soon, because it was already delayed by Amazon before, and they are yet not clear to push it or not. If it has to come, it would be in the year 2014 only.

None of the two have commented or made any official statement about the matter, but HTC’s CMO Ben Ho said that “company is always exploring new opportunities”. Kindle device have always been manufactured on contract manufacturers, but this time it would be a brand known manufacturer for the smartphone.

Assuming the rumor to be true, it would be beneficial for HTC as Amazon Smartphone could sell really really well, but in that case it needs to be in the market first.


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