PushBullet Gets a “Push to Chrome” Feature


The team of PushBullet introduced a regularly demanded and a powerful feature to their Android Chrome app combo service. users of the the PushBullet service can now push directly to Chrome from their devices.


In the past you had to push files, pictures, notes, lists, and links from the Chrome to device or rather from Device to Device, but there was nothing for device back to chrome. So now for instance if you now have a picture or a list or a document saved on a phone or an Android device, you can push it over your Chrome browser in just seconds with a single tap. Once the file is sent, you would see a clickable notification pop up. And by clicking, you will find that links open up in a tab, any street or location address in Maps, pictures open up, and the files are easy to download.

So as to enable this feature you need to update your Android app and also have the latest and updated version of PushBullet Chrome extension. You can do that with the links provided below. Also now in the updated app, you can push pictures and files, and list easier than before.

Chrome Extension

Play Store Link


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