HTC Mini, A Remote Control For Phone



As we already talked about this device in our last post about White HTC Butterfly in China. HTC Mini is a remote control for your  phone which can help to you to do all things which traditional cell phone do or did. It can make phone calls, send text messages, capture pictures, play music, and even find the handset if lost. It can act as a remote control when the Butterfly is tethered to your TV and displaying content on screen.

Mini uses Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth technology to transfer or to perform above mentioned functions. We can even call it Mini Phone as according to size and design. I think its an answer from HTC to those who says that their smartphones are too big. It will work along with HTC Droid DNA also.

If there are positives about HTC Mini than there are negative points also, good said by some one,“Yo dawg, I heard you like smartphones. So I included a smartphone with yo’ smartphone so you can smartphone while you smartphone.”

Currently device is launched for HTC Butterfly in China and it is only available in China. Currently HTC haven;’t out plans for its international release.

What you think do we need this? Share your views regarding this via comments.


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