HTC One (M8) Developer Edition Available in Amber, Gold or Gunmetal Gray


So talking aside from the normal HTC One M8 we now know that the device will be available as Google Play Edition and also a Developer edition and that too in 3 different colors – Amber, Gold or Gunmetal Gray.

HTC One M8

Now here is the big question, what’s the difference between the two handsets? While both the GPE and Developer Edition are very much doable for android developers,but the main difference is that  the M8 Developer Edition doesn’t run stock Android and instead favours Sense 6.0 — complete with an unlockable bootloader and without all the carrier bloat you’d get from ‘regular’ versions of the handset.

For more details on the HTC One (M8) Developer Edition, or to pick one up now, you’ll want to head on over to HTC’s website. It’s worth noting that the handset is currently listed as back-ordered, but is estimated to start shipping again around April 3.

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