HTC One Mini vs Samsung S4 Mini


HTC has come up with their new device featuring the HTC One, yes they have launched a mini version of the HTC One, namely HTC One Mini. The phone was confirmed a couple of days back, and for sure it has been launched to compete with the mini devices of the Galaxy Series. The phone would be directly competing with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. So in this post we would compare the both devices based on their comparisions.

HTC One Mini vs Samsung S4 Mini

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HTC One Mini vs Samsung S4 mini :

Reasons to Consider the S4 Mini:

Here are the reasons to consider the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini over the HTC One mini.

  • The camera sensor it better than that of HTC One mini.It has a 8 Megapixel Camera with a resolution of 3264X2448, and on that of HTC One Mini it is 2688X1520 pixels only.
  • Also the front facing camera is better than that of HTC Mini. It has 1.9 MP camera, which is expected to bring out better results than that on HTC Mini.
  • A better display as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has a SUPER AMOLED Display, while the HTC One mini, has a TFT screen.
  • There is a option for expanding memory, which is absent in the case of HTC One Mini.

Reasons to Consider the HTC One Mini:

Here are the reasons to consider the HTC One Mini over the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

  • The resolution of the display is better. It has a resolution of 720X1280 pixels, while the resolution of S4 Mini is only 540X960.
  • The pixel density is also better in thew HTC One Mini, it has a pixel density of 342 ppi, against the pixel density of S4 mini  which is only 256 ppi.
  • The internal memory is more, it has got 16 GB Internal memory, while the S4 mini has 8 GB of internal memory.
  • Audio results would be better as it has got beat Audio Enhancement.
  • The video recording would be better, as it can capture videos at 720p @60 fps and [email protected] , and the S4 Mini can only capture at [email protected]
  • The RAM is better in the HTC One Mini as compared to the S4 Mini 3G version, which has 1.5 GB RAM, and the HTC One Mini has 2GB of RAM. Also note that the LTE version of the S4 Mini is also 2 GB.

Note: This comparision is not our personal view, it has carried out purely based on the specifications of the two phones available as per now. And since all the specifications of the devices are not yet completely available. So with  the change of the specifications, some points above may be altered.


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