HTC Profit Sinks In Q4 2012



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HTC again down with profit sinks in Q4 2012. According to financial report from HTC, it posts quarterly revenue of NT$60 billion, with gross margin of 23% and operating margin of 1%. Net profit and EPS were NT$1 billion and NT$1.21, respectively. Despite hoping for revenue boost in the fourth quarter from new flagship phones, HTC’s struggle is not yet over.

Due early launch of HTC Butterfly in Japan and Taiwan momentum was seen in the markets. While US and China met expectations as we continue to optimize brand consideration and build strong local presence. HTC shipped 32.6 million phones last year, down 25% from 2011, and its share of the global smartphone market fell to 4.6% from 10.3%.

HTC expects that in the first quarter of 2013:

  • 1Q revenue is expected to be NT$50-60 billions
  • Gross profit margin expected to be 21-23%
  • Operating margin expected to be 0.5-1.0%

What you think HTC will comback wit HTC M7 or it will be another flop show?


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