HTC Sensation Line to get Sense 3.6

HTC Sense 4.0 won’t be landing on the HTC Sensation line, or at least not the full version. They say that the decision to exclude Sense 4.0 on these devices was due to the fact that the new software was designed to take full advantage of the newest hardware advancements inside their “One” devices. While the Sensation devices are all dual-core Snapdragon devices, they’re housing the older S3 model and not the S4 model which will come inside the HTC One X.

In turn, if you’re getting ready to get angry, curb your inner fire. With HTC yet to confirm exactly what features of Sense 4.0 will make it across it’s just a waiting game. Keep checking your market for downloadable widgets to help you skin the 4.0 experience on your Sensation. 


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