iKettle launches a coffee machine this CES 2015

We all love morning coffee, who doesn’t?? So this CES 2015, iKettle is launching a bean-to-cup coffee machine for all those people who would like technology added with their coffee making.


The new coffee machine will be controlled from free iOS and Android apps that means the control over it is as far as your phone is.It will wake you up in the morning to let you know when you need refilling and even using the ‘welcome home’ mode you can set it to make coffee when you enter the house from a long day.And whats more is that it allows you to create recipes via IFTTT.com. And with this feature you can have a light coffee or strong one depending on your mood.Its surely is a catch for all those lazy people out there who would like to control their coffee without getting up from the bed.Do share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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