Image: Moto X Employed With Nano SIM


Moto X , Moto X and Moto X, its all where and sweeping the web with its leaks and rumors. As according to the official announcement, Motorola is holding an event on 1st August in New York. Recently some leaks shows the device’s features which include Moto X Magic Glass and muh more.

moto x nano sim

Now we have received the image of the Moto X showing the Nano SIM dragged out of its placement from the Moto X. As another thing visible in the image is the tray which was used in old some phones to hold the SIM. Its also clear that device will contain SIM frame on the side of the phone despite under the back cover or battery.

In another image Moto X has been compared with the Motorola Milestone 3 and you can see that the upcoming device is obviously the thinner of the two and Moto X is also the taller of the two models.

Recently its Magic Glass images have been leaked which you can check here and earlier it was said that Moto X will start selling by next week as carriers have already the device on 29th August.

You can also download its gesture based Camera App. See the raw images of the Moto X in green cover at Motorola’s Party.

Via Phandroid


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