Intel-Powered Lenovo K800 Smartphone

intel-powered lenovo k800 smartphone

This is the era of smartphones and tablets. A lot of smartphones have hit the market recently. Fitted with modern upgraded technology, these phones are surely some of the coolest gadgets to own. Recently, Chinese electronic company LENOVO launched the K800 smartphone in the market. The phone is surely going to give strong competition to other smartphones from brands like HTC, SONY, and Samsung. It is the first smartphone that runs on the x 86 medfield chips from Intel. However, companies like Qualcomm, Samsung, and Nvidia are all into developing the next generation of ARM chips. As a result, Lenovo x800 will surely be receiving some serious competition shortly. The K800 needs to showcase enough firepower to stay in the market with head strong. Also, battery power is a major factor to consider. Most buyers of smartphone concentrate more on battery power and processor speed than any other factors. The question is: Does Lenovo K800 excel in these categories or not? The next few lines will probably answer these questions.

First, let’s focus on the Design and HARDWARE

The phone has a brick like shape but is quite light in weight. This makes it easy on hands after picking it up. It has a slightly angular shape. However, the overall pattern makes it one unique competitor that stands out comfortably in the crowd. The length of K800 is similar to that of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus. However, it is a bit thicker at some parts. Users with smaller hands may not fall in love with this phone instantly. The phone features 3 capacitive buttons, located right across the bottom. These buttons are very responsive and the users can enjoy using them without facing any negative impact. The screen of K800 is its biggest asset. It has a brilliant display that is created through a perfect blend of rich and deep black colors. And more importantly, there is absolutely no pixelation problem to face up with. If compared to Galaxy Nexus, screen of K800 is more solid and features a brighter display.

Next, let’s concentrate on the SOFTWARE and overall Performance

Lenovo K800 is absolutely an Android device. However, the internal settings as well software configurations are heavily modified for this particular phone. In fact, one can easily mistaken it with some different OS. Although change is always good to be unique, but some of it looks quite awkward. Say for example, the home screen in Lenovo K800. It looks not very convincing and is very complicated for first time users. However, the file arranger, music manager, or picture viewer features are amazingly effective. Those who are looking for a media rich smartphone, Lenovo K800 should win their hearts definitely.

But the most impressive part of this smartphone is its performance. It is a heavily themed and media rich android phone. But that does not have any negative impact on its performance or speed. It runs smoothly, similar to Galaxy Nexus, and is amazingly fast. There is no disturbance while playing HD videos. Games can be played in the most flawless manner possible. If marketed properly, then K800 surely has a bright future on offer.

Lenovo K860 is also available in the market you can checkout hat one also.

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