LG Nexus Prototype Detailed Along With Software Issues


lg nexus 4

If you are following Nexus Device News than this must be important for those. Today Onliner, folks who compared LG Nexus device with iPhone 5 and Leaked 360 degree view of LG Nexus phone, again leaked some info regarding this upcoming LG Nexus device, or Nexus 4.

According to Onliner they have a prototype of the Nexus 4 device. Onliner describes numerous issues with the build of Android 4.1.2 loaded onto the device, from hard locks to force closes, to certain buttons not responding. Sans final optimizations, performance was said to be subpar for a device sporting a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU and 2GB RAM as also detailed earlier.

Nexus 4 received IPS-display instead of HD Super AMOLED, so of no PenTile, bluish, greenish or yellowish white is out of the question. The screen resolution is still the same 720 × 1280 pixels at a diagonal of 4,7 “.

Guys see more details that were leaked earlier about Nexus device here.


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