‘Be Internet Awesome’ program from Google helps kids stay safe online


Do you ever fear one of those days when your 10-year-old ends up on one of those dark alleys of the World Wide Web? Well, you aren’t alone. And Google understands. The Internet can be many things to many people. And children with their open mindsets can easily land up at the wrong place or hang up with wrong people, without guidance.

With that in mind, Google is kicking off a “Be Internet Awesome” campaign. The campaign provides resources to teachers and parents that can be used to teach kids the right ways to go about the Internet doing stuff.

Moreover, There are curriculums or courses created with the help of the Internet Keep Safe Coalition. Also, There are practical exercises, that teach ways to prevent being duped or bullied on the net. In the same way, Google has set up a Youtube video series. This will help to get parents to discuss the pitfalls of surfing the Internet.

Finally, there’s also a game a called Interland. The game consists of four floating islands children must visit. Once there, they will play games that will teach them to use the Internet in a safe way. If you want more details, check the campaign out. There is a landing page for the project ‘Be Internet Awesome’ created by Google.

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