Latest Google Play Store 10.2.30 update rolling-out


A couple of weeks ago, some users have started seeing a new re-designed app description page on Google Play Store. Perhaps, after a tad bit of time Google is incorporating some UI changes on the Google Play. However, the new appearance didn’t reach everyone out there until now. But, that’s gonna change with the latest Google Play Store 10.2.30 update plausibly bringing the new design officially to all.

The new app-description page basically replaces the good-old, greeny title and notification bars with a white formal background. Thankfully, the size detail of the app is now made to the top, which otherwise was situated on bottom part through the “Read More” option. The What’s New section is also being white washed for changelog and is really cool on the eyes.

Apart from all those whitening, there are some other portions as well where white color has intruded all for good. Speaking of a minor unnoticeable change, there is a new “App Permissions” option at the bottom of app description page. Once clicked, it basically displays the permission(s) needed for that particlular app to function.

Along with the aforementioned changes, there ought to be some bugs squashing and optimizations within this new release. Since it’s usually good to keep your app up-to-date so as to be secure and get all the new features. We’re dropping the download link of the latest Google Play Store APK below.


Google Play Store 10.2.30: Download


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