LG G2 Mini reaches UK for €350


LG G2 Mini is to be categorized as the mini version of LG’s flagship from 2013, the LG G2. But exactly the opposite the specifications of the device do not satisfy us much. We heard about the device a couple of days ago, and it is already up in stores of UK.


German retailers Amazon Germany, MediaMarkt and Saturn have the device and they have priced it at €350. Also Amazon Spain has the device, and they also have tagged it with a price of €350. The device will be made available in a couple of days now, March 31.

There are going to be three versions of the LG G2 Mini supposedly. And the one that is on UK retailers, is the Snapdragon powered LTE version, but sadly it only has quad Cortex-A7 CPU with Adreno 305 GPU. So the device in a nutshell doesn’t mean to be a good buy as the Moto G has the same chipset and a better screen for a price of €200.

So what’s your take? Will you be buying the LG G2 Mini, considering the fact that it does not have much to offer even at this price tag.


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