Here is a SmartBulb From Samsung


Recently LG announced a Smart Lamp which can be easily controlled with a mobile device, and now Samsung has announced the SmartBulb, which can communicate with Android devices.


It is a LED Bulb, has a very simple design, and features Bluetooth. They chose the Bluetooth over the Wi-Fi connectivity as at a point of time over 64 bulbs can be controlled from one smartphone using an app. Also you can control the bulbs when you’re outside your home, or at work with the help of Zigbee Smart Bulb Bluetooth hub.

Also apart from turning the bulb ON and OFF directly from your Android device, you can also manage the brightness of the bulb, and set it to as low as 10% with a color range between warm and cool white. Also according to Samsung, the bulbs will easily work for around 15,000 hours or roughly 10 years if you use them normally.

They haven’t really said a thing about the price of these SmartBulbs, but we expect that they would be close to $32. So what do you think are these Smartbulbs worth buying or just another boast in the sake of the new technology.


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