LG Homechat Allows To Text Your Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Fridge, Cooker and Stove


LG is coming with new revolutionary product which will allow you to send text messages to your washing machines, Vacuum clear, Stove and Fridge to cook for you. At CES 2014, LG plans to demo a new technology that will let users control smart appliances.

lg homechat

If you tell the system “I’m going on vacation,” for instance, it’ll put your refrigerator into power-savings mode and program the robotic vacuum cleaner. LG Homechat is combined with the popular mobile messenger Line, will let users send simple messages to their appliances. Initially, the text commands and answers will be available in English and Korean, with more commands to be added in the future.

The range of appliances, which have yet to be named, will be revealed at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, which kicks off in less than two weeks time.

Source: LG


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