‘Merlot Red’ Galaxy Note 3 Lands In Korea


Samsung has added new color to its latest Flagship Devices, Galaxy Note 3. Samsung has introduced ‘Merlot Red’ Galaxy Note 3 to the lineup in Korea.


In the December starting, Samsung said that they will launch different colors for the Galaxy Note 3 depending on the country. So they have debuted from their native country Korea by launching Merlot Red Galaxy Note 3 in Korea.

Despite color there’s nothing changed in the handset comes with the exact same specifications as the original Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which include a 5.7 inch full high definition display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.


In total now 4 color options are live in Korea while buying Galaxy Note 3.

Which color do you want on your Galaxy Note 3?

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Korean)


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