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The cute green colored logo of the android web browser has taken over many of the top browsers. Developed originally for Smartphones and tablets, the outright and customizable nature of its operating system allows it to function on laptops, netbooks, Google TVs, smartbooks, etc.

The Android’s OS supports certain apps which are operable on portable media players, home automation systems, gaming consoles, etc. The most appreciated uses and recommended choice of applications available in the App store are:

  • Sky Map

Formerly known as the Google Sky, it turns your android device into a night sky watcher. It is a window to beautiful nights and viewer to various places across the globe all that with its interactive sky charts

  • iNaturalist

Built for nature lovers, educators, etc., you can record your observations, learn about biodiversity, and connect to share your ideas.

  • QR Droid

A must for business people, this QR code reader can also generate and scan QR codes for your android

  • Vid Trim

An android-powered video editor and organizer, this app can trim down your video to your satisfaction

  • LookSee Animator

If you are animation frenzy, then this animator’s feature allows you to create time-lapse and stop-motion animations

  • Camera Illusion

A free application that lets your camera perform illusion with photos. Creative photos can be made with its customized filters, effects and masks.

  • PicSay

An Android photo editor, that can make pictures talk. Use your imagination to make your pet talk or your car complain through this wonderful app

  • Skitch

This an easy-to-use app to capture images, edit or markup your screen or tag images to phone numbers

  • AnyDo

If your busy schedule makes you forget things, then this is what you are in need of. AnyDo is a task-list application that helps you remember, anytime, anywhere.

  • Ever Student

Ever Student app is a very helpful student-oriented application. Known to help students in their projects, financial aid, math camp etc., if you have kids then this app will be a good choice

  • DropBox

A free service that lets you bring your photos, documents, phone numbers etc., to any place you go

  • Edmodo

A free, safe, and easy social learning network for teachers and students, this app helps communicate ideas, views, and discussions globally.

These were some of most aspired android apps in the market. Some are free but the rest are paid apps that can be easily bought from an app store. To know which one you might need, try calling customer service number.

Written By Mike, Catch me @thetechlegend


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