Moto X Leak hints out it’s “Magical Glass” Design

The most heated adventure of Moto X is near of it’s end as the D-Day is coming near and near. Almost all the web portals got heated up with the arguments over the Moto X phone, of what will be it’s price, specifications, design and much more. And just like before we came to know about an interesting design layout about the Moto X phone with something under the package called as ” Magic Moto Glass” . This is currently said to be an layout of Gorilla glass over the device’s edges.

moto x display

The combination of the Gorilla glass might be there for increasing over the device, but there seems to be a bit more than the design, strength and the weight as shown in the above breakdown of the device.  This portion that deals with the handset durability and the weight is broken down in the above image of the handset.

We all came to know about this from image and the details were posted on the Google+ page of Taylor Wimberly and he describes this as being a “laminated aluminum structure.”

Aside from the exterior, we got a sneak peek over it’s Camera app which promises one of the recent developments in Android Camera Saga and is one of the most functional cameras ever made yet. Basically it was an really good idea to know the potentials of the device but it does contain some of the flaws. In addition with the camera, it is rumored that it will come with a 10 Megapixel Clear Camera.

Details of this camera have the pixel size as being 1.4 microns, which for comparison is smaller than the HTC One and larger than the Galaxy S 4. The Moto X is also expected to shoot an 1080p video with an 60 frames per second video. But this are all rumors which can be only diminished when we got to know about the official launch.

Sayantan Mahato
Sayantan Mahato
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