Green Moto X Photographed In Guy Kawasaki’s Motorola Party Images


Well, again Moto X has been photographed by the Guy Kawasaki’s at Motorola Party and he shared it on his Google+ page. Its happening every day now as the announcement day is near. This is not done, we have also received the images of the accessories of Moto X.


In image above we can clearly see one person wielding a bright green Moto X. Well, the above photos themselves were not taken by Moto X. In real this photo has been taken by the Guy some couple of weeks ago and he posted it last week. Don’t know why its getting the public attention now.

Actually pic is taken when a few guys sitting on a couch outside and one of the men is holding what looks to be a bright green Moto X.

As we told you that we have also received some accessories pics and those accessories are coves of Moto X. Out them it also consist the green color cover which we have seen in the above pic at Motorola’s party. Folks over French site, the image shows teal, green, pink and purple backplates with Motorola branding. Checkout the covers yourself below:

motoxbackplatesleak motoxgreenbackplate

Overall its now confirmed that Moto X is to be announced on August 1st at an event in the New York. According to some sources its also revealed that it will be available for purchase or will be launched next week as yesterday carriers have started receiving the handsets.

Also checkout its Magical Glass Design along with the full coverage on this here.


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