Smartphone Market: Race For Third Slot Heats Up As LG, Huawei And ZTE Competing Hard


With the superior dominance over the first and second slot over the markets, Samsung and Apple both of them which are superpowers in the industry have an special lead over it’s rivals. But the main race comes in for the third slot for which almost all companies are trying to keep pace with Samsung and Apple and try to get a good share among the markets. LG, Huawei and ZTE which are amazingly Asian Powers has managed to make a dominance over the West. Especially for LG which is kinda household name for the westerns unlike Huawei and ZTE. A year ago, Huawei was 3rd with 4.2%, and LG and ZTE were basically tied with 3.7%. Now LG is 3rd with 5.2%, ZTE is 4th with 5% and Huawei 5th with 3.8%.


LG, specifically would be on high note after their recent success of Nexus 4 and on the G series but the remaining two are not less either. Huawei recently launched P6 dubbed as world’s slimmest phone and ZTE, who are said to be releasing world’s first Tegra 4 Device.

For ZTE, they are currently more focusing on low-end phones which also assures them with more sales. On the other hand Huawei is currently working hard on quality and not on quantity.

With the recent buzz on the internet about the new MOTO-X phone, which can also be a good playmaker in the markets, as it is specially helped by Google and is revived by Google. Future Devices on Moto-x phone have a huge potential in the markets and can surely break into Top-5.  Whereas SONY and with it’s army of XPERIA-Z Devices are also being an blockbuster in the markets can also be a serious problem for the Remaining three.

What can be sure is that Apple is not going to be in the top 2 with Samsung for long as there is much of a downfall for them in the recent years especially after the Death of  Steve JOBS. Except that we might see a shuffle in the ranking among the charts in the next 5 years.

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