Moto X With Wooden Back In Just $25


We know, Motorola is to launch the device with wooden back option and its now finally here with just the upgrade price of $25. As according to their official blog two more options are coming soon.

 moto x wooden

As according to Motorola they will be rolling out walnut, teak and ebony options starting on January 21st. More importantly, they will also be offering all wood upgrades for just $25 from now on.

As according to the Motorola Blog the new wooden backs are “Featuring natural finishes and distinct grains, these wood backs are undeniably unique and provide a whole new level of sophisticated customization for your smartphone”.

Moto X with wooden back is available for the same $399 off-contract and old users can upgrade it to the wooden one for just $25 more.

Source: Motorola


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