New Display By JDI Revealed, Packs Upto 1000 Nits Of Brightness

40% Less Power And 1000 Nits Of Brightness With JDi New Display


JDI has revealed a new display technology that is quite amazing. The new display technology is a 7″ display screen that achieve brightness of upto 1000 nits with 40% less power consumption. For comparison, most new smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8 can achieve only upto 500 nits of brightness.


JDI is the joint LCD venture between Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi. The breakthrough in display screen technology has been achieved with the help of Sony’s “White Magic ” display technology which adds an extra layer of white pixels into the screen’s red, green and blue pixels. When running at 500 nits, this grid of pixels consumes upto 40% less power as compared to the conventional LCD displays. Even at 1000 nits, the display consumes way less power than normal LCD displays. The resolution however is not so impressive. This new display technology offers a resolution of 1920X1200 and a pixel density of 323ppi. Below is the specs-sheet.

JDI-1000-nits-diplay-specs (1)

Overall, the display seems to be quite impressive. We’re waiting for some device to feature this display though there is still no news on which smartphone manufacturer will be the first to incorporate this screen into their devices.

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